Exciting camera patent for iPhones!

The cameras of smartphones have improved so much that they are now residential users does not need professional cameras much. Manufacturers are looking for optimal camera talent. flagship for devices. Apple, which does not deprive its phones of camera skills, received a new patent.

iPhone will meet periscope lens technology

Apple’s patent confirms that iPhones will come with a periscope camera. The advent of this technology 2022

It is pointed as . In other words, the iPhone, where we will see this technology first, probably iPhone 14

It will be named . Before this patent, the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also said that this lens will be used on an iPhone in the coming years.

A humorous image about periscope cameras

Periscope lenses work quite differently than other camera lenses. Although they are complex, the presence of these lenses on smartphones is a valuable advance for photography. Thanks to the periscope lens, at least 10x optical zoom will be possible.

Periscope lens is a little different from other lenses in terms of form. When viewed from the outside, they appear in a square and this is the truth. may spoil the aesthetics a bit. Because when we look at Apple’s camera designs in recent years, we see oval designs. Time will tell what kind of design the technology giant will adopt against this factor.

What’s the advantage of periscope lenses?

Periscope camera on smartphones

Zooming in may be a nightmare for some of us while taking pictures. Because as you zoom in, the resolution of the photo decreases and this makes itself noticeable. Periscope lenses, on the other hand, allow zooming without compromising resolution due to their structure. No degradation in resolution 10x zoom is exciting for a smartphone to do.

Two years ago, many people got to know this technology with the Huawei P30. Time will tell how Apple will bring this technology to us.


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