EuroControl: “THY is the airline on the fastest return to 2019 performance”

According to the information announced by EuroControl yesterday, Turkish Airlines (IS: THYAO) is in the position of the company on the fastest return to its 2019 performance in the long-haul flight category.

In the statement of EuroControl, there were great differences in the performance of the airline companies during the 8-14 July period, while THY performed 85% of flights within the period in 2019. The one-to-one ratio remained at 27% for British British Airways; According to the data, it is only 15% behind 2019 with 1254 flights per day during the period.

The most suitable performing company after THY Air France is 33% behind 2019 with 880 flights.

On the other hand, making a statement today, İGA stated that a total of 1060 take-offs and landings will take place at Istanbul Airport today. It was underlined that the number of flights is increasing day by day.

-Foreks News Center-

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