Ethereum Co-Founder Announces Withdrawal From Cryptocurrency

One of the most valuable names in the crypto currency world, Anthony Di Iorio announced that he would withdraw from the branch with a decision he took. Not much in this section that you don’t feel believe

Saying , Dil lorio states that people’s need for digital assets is not that much. So who was Anthony Di lorio? Why is it so valuable to the cryptocurrency world?

The world met the name Anthony Di lorio in 2014. The world’s second largest cryptocurrency

(mtag101702) Ethereum

Di lorio, who was in the development process of , was one of the 8 biggest partners of the project. Di lorio, who became the responsible name for the digital processes unit of the Toronto Stock Exchange in 2016, and which has more than 1 million users. Jaxx Liberty

He became the founder of Decentral, the developer of the cryptocurrency wallet .

Anthony Di lorio also sells his company with all his crypto assets

Deciding to leave the cryptocurrency world, Anthony Di lorio has been traveling with an army of guards since 2017. Di Lorio’s assets, according to Forbes, in 2018 $1 billion also exceeded. The Ethereum co-founder, who is living a life of luxury, is in Canada. $22 million managed to sit on the agenda of the world with a house he bought.

Anthony Di lorio will sell his entire cryptocurrency holding and turn it into cash. It will also sell the company called Decentral. Making a statement about the bet, Di lorio said, Decentral

He says he will accept cash or stocks for the sale of , and will not even consider crypto money offers. Currently Canada’s first zero emission car” Project Arrow

Di lorio, who started working for ““, states that he will now take part in more complex sections.


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