End of the road for free Google Meet! What will happen next?

Covid-19 outbreak students and staff all over the world have to stay in residence had left. For those who can do their work remotely, even partially, in this process a new routine was born. Throughout 2020, we have seen various gestures from conference applications, which have become an urgent necessity in the world. Due to the end of the pandemic now no price It’s coming to an end for Google Meet.

Last day for free Google Meet June 30

For those who did not purchase the Google Workspace plan before the pandemic terms, Meet More than 60 minutes did not offer the opportunity to meet. Google ends 60 minutes discontinuously, a notification was sent to the organizer of the meeting at the 55th minute of the meetings before announcing its removal.

Residential workers took a deep breath when Google announced that it was removing this limitation early in the pandemic. This step, which was both a gesture and a marketing step, ultimately benefited everyone. After 30 June The free Google Meet advantage will end and those who do not have Google Workspace will return to their old routines.

What is Google Workspace? How to get past 60 minutes?

Firstly by the end of the month Let us remind you that you have the right to hold meetings longer than 60 minutes. After that, if you want to use Google Meet unlimitedly, you should switch to Google Workspace. This service provides premium access to all Google services used for business, not just Meet.

Google Workspace is a priced service and has four plans. If you think you need this kind of service, you can take a look at the packages below.

Google Meet plans

As a result, Google Meet after June 30 With 100 contributors price of unlimited use 29 TL per month

It will be . Associates don’t have to buy Workspace either. It is enough that only the person who started the meeting bought it.

Google Meet alternatives you can use

In the last year, the number of free alternatives has increased considerably. In the coming days, other services will make similar decisions to those of Google. However, you can see other free platforms from the content below.


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