Elon Musk Gets His Ticket To Space; From your opponent. . .

Richard Branson has been making headlines lately. Eccentric billionaire with Virgin Galactic’s spaceship completed its first space flight. According to the latest news, the billionaire Elon Musk also booked a ticket for Virgin Galactic’s commercial spaceflight.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Richard Branson confirmed that SpaceX’s founder and CEO has indeed booked future spaceflight, ” Elon is my friend and I guess one day I will travel to space on one of his ships.” he said.

  • Richard Branson Went To Space, He’s Back!

So far, no information has been obtained about when Elon Musk will board the Virgin Galactic spaceship. According to WSJ, on this journey to the border of space, which offers a zero-G experience for four minutes, each of the seats

(mtag101702)250. It costs 000 dollars. The reservation price is $10,000.

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