Electronic Arts has responded to in-game advertising claims!



EA, which has been on the agenda recently in-game advertisement responded to their argument. The company, which was disturbed by the rumors, made statements that would make the players happy. PlayerWon

The company, which is claimed to work with a system called , firmly denied the rumors.

This method, which has been applied by big game companies especially in the last period, is getting great reaction from the players. who do not want to react in this matter EA explained that their priority is the players.

EA: “Our priority is to improve the player experience!”

After the theses put forward on several news sites, eyes were turned. EA, issued a written statement. In the article in which it was stated that the arguments were not without mistakes, the following was stated:

“To our games ‘TV style’thesis that we will place an advertisement is absolutely unfounded. As we did not take steps in this issue, we did not sign an agreement with a random entity. Our top priority is the in-game experience of our players. the most complete to make it. ”


Following the rumors that was also mentioned, the company’s statement sprinkled water in the hearts of the players. however, Tencent did not receive any explanation on the matter. In portable games It is a very unfortunate idea that the advertising system we see frequently will also appear in big-budget games.

The number of in-game ads is increasing day by day!

Television style

These ads, which attract attention with their structure, 15 to 30 second appears before the players as images. The content, which is not possible for the players to skip, also has its own reward system. Some games give in-game money or items to their players who watch ads. Especially in free-to-play games, the number of such content is increasing day by day. Companies can significantly increase their revenues thanks to these advertisements.

Call of Duty: Warzone and Roblox

to PC and console oriented games with this system, as well as a few productions that are sold with money, are trying to integrate this system. Favorite basketball game NBA 2K21 has non-skippable in-game ads. The production, which has already been widely criticized due to its price policy, was also hit with the ball due to the system it insisted on the players. This system, which is quite wrong compared to some, is the inevitable end of the game world according to some sources.

What do you think about in-game ads? How true is it that big-budget productions resort to these style systems? Do not forget to share your views with us.


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