EA Says No In-Game Ad Plans

Recently playerWON

In games via a platform called tv ads was shown and small rewards would be given to the players thanks to these ads. Simulmedia’s its platform caused quite a big reaction from the players on social media.

It is said that there are agreements with Simulmedia in the middle. Electronic Arts, from past to present for priced content, in addition, became the object of heavy reactions when it took place in the media with this bet. Fortunately, Electronic Arts has released this news. denied. Here are the details:

What Happened?

In the news we shared with you in the past days, Simulmedia’s playerWON platform in free-to-play games We said that television commercials will be shown. The advertisements in this news are completely left to the user to watch or not, but to the player when watched. small rewards were the ads that would give.

As the alarms gradually emerged, we also learned that Simulmedia had agreements with large companies, and in the middle of these companies. Electronic Arts

It was located at . But now Electronic Arts has nothing to say about it. that there is no agreement and in-game advertisements are too much for now. that you don’t look hot explained.

“We don’t have a random deal on it”

In its statement, Electronic Arts is currently in the middle of its plans to show television ads on console games isn’t stated. In addition, the company made a random survey on this issue. that there is no agreement states.

Finally, the company says that delivering the best possible gaming experience is still its primary focus. While one party says there is agreement, the other party does not rejectionwe can say it’s pretty weird. As new details about the matter emerge, we will be passing them on to you.


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