Domestic Car TOGG’s First Body Assembly Was Performed

Turkey’s Car

Introduced for the first time in 2019 with the name , TOGG continues to work on the production stage. A valuable step towards these studies was announced on social media recently.

Turkey’s Car announced on Twitter that the first body assembly of the domestic car was made. Assembly according to the post, was carried out with completely domestic production modules.

First hull assembly completed

‘Turkey’s Car Enterprise Group’

The first body assembly took place in the domestic car journey, which started with the project named . The assembly process in Gebze, with the cuts produced entirely in Turkey, was announced on the official Twitter account of Turkey’s Arabası. The following statements were included in the post on the subject of the word: “Our first body assembled entirely from domestically produced parts. Stay tuned.”

What is the latest situation in the factory?

The construction of the TOGG Gemlik factory, where domestic cars will be produced, started about a year ago. The latest status of the factory was announced by the company in the past days. Right now infrastructure works of the factory have been completed. In September, the roof of the factory will be completed.

A valuable part of the column and steel production to be used in the production of the factory is left behind. According to TOGG’s plans, the factory By the end of 2022, the production of the domestic automobile will have started. The maximum capacity of the factory will support the production of 175,000 vehicles per year. To get more detailed information about the new status of the factory, you can reach our recently published news here.


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