Dollar/TL rate is on the decline before the MPC meeting to be held tomorrow

Investing. com – In the second half of February, the increase in the expectations of rising inflation in the US in global markets and the activity in bond yields also strengthened the dollar. With the prestige of this date, it has risen from the 6.90s USD/TRY rate rose above 8.40 again in March with the dismissal of the CBRT Leader.

in April and May US Dollar Index

Despite the decline in and the rise in emerging market currencies in global markets, TL continued to lose value due to the uncertainty in monetary policy. At the beginning of June, with the President’s interest statements, the exchange rate exceeded 8.80 and renewed the record, and the dollar rate was premium by 17% in the first 6 months of the year.

As the TL positive development in the currency, which started July calmly, CBRT Leader Kavcıoğlu’s statement that the tight monetary policy would continue was reinforced to some extent, while the decline in US bond yields and weak employment data were influential on the global side. The dollar is losing momentum in global markets this month, while the exchange rate fell to 8.60, behind 8.74. In terms of price, the change is finite and the rate decreased by 1% on a monthly basis.

The exchange rate, which sees the highest level of 8.64 in the day today, sees the process from 8.6050 in the last hour. will be done tomorrow at the PPK meeting While no change is expected in the interest rate, it is expected that the hawk expressions will be loaded in the text.

It will come from the USA today. inflation rate will be followed, inflation, which increased to 5% in the last month, is expected to reach 4%.

Editor: Necdet Erginsoy

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