Disturbing information Facebook collects about you


(mtag101705) and Instagram gives its users a completely free experience. So how do these well-known platforms meet their annual billion-dollar expenses?

The first impression most of you will probably be is the ads. This answer is partially correct, but Facebook provides these ads in a way that no one else does. Social media platforms, which are visited by millions of people every day, collect user data even when they are not open.

Later, the company transforms this information into an algorithm thanks to artificial intelligence, and uses it for purposeful advertisements. Advertising that focuses on a reasonable type of customer is particularly beneficial for companies. Do you have a work for teachers over 40 who suffer from low back pain? Awesome, all you have to do To Facebook refer to. So how is this possible?

Mark Zuckerberg knows your face

your friend, Facebook

When you upload a photo to , this information takes its place in the company’s information center. The artificial intelligence, which recognizes you even if you are not tagged, uses the information in your friend’s account to increase what it knows about you.

The social media giant, which is very confident in its algorithm, has the right share of AI. 98 percent

It claims to be . In addition, every newly uploaded photo causes this sense of accuracy to increase.

Facebook is always following you

Facebook Messenger

If you have app, you may not have told it to stop sharing your position. But that doesn’t mean the company has given up. A programmer doing research a while ago developed an add-on called the Marauder’s Map, inspired by the Harry Potter movies.

The plugin that allows you to instantly see where all your friends are, information directly Facebook was getting it from. This situation revealed that the company was tracking positions instantly. The company, which took action quickly, closed the gap. But it did not change the fact that position data was collected.

Our Interviews and Papers

The company, which knows no limits in collecting personal data, also uses our personal statements. The incident came to light a few years ago. Twitter

A user sharing some screenshots on , Facebook’s revealed what information he had collected about himself. Messenger

(mtag101705) and WhatsApp The company, which holds all the information from your contacts to your searches, uses them for personalized advertising.

However, according to the social media giant, there is no need for users to worry. This situation, which is completely under the control of artificial intelligence, is not open to any human intervention. So the messages are definitely not read. However, users find it difficult to believe the reality of this situation.

So what do you think about this bet? What do you think Facebook

How many different personal information does collect? Do not forget to share your views with us in the comments section.


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