Device That Turns Xbox Series S into Portable Console

Founded by two brothers from New Zealand and focused on designing gaming accessories that we’ve never seen before. UPspec Gaming” launched a different project on Kickstarter, one of the world’s most well-known crowdfunding platforms. If this project is real, Xbox Series S owners will they will no longer need television. Because UPspec Gaming’s new project turns the Xbox Series S into a huge laptop.

UPspec Gaming has developed an external display for the Xbox Series S. xScreen“. With the help of a few latches, the external screen mounted on the console eliminates the sound problem with its built-in speaker and microphone. January 2022 they plan to have it ready.

Introducing the enhanced xScreen for Xbox Series S

xScreen is used by connecting directly to the HDMI port of Xbox Series S. Turntable

The screen, which is in the structure of , does not always allow the process of plugging. Thus, a user with an Xbox Series S your laptop will open the game console and start playing games.

The external display designed for Xbox Series S gives users 1080p offers resolution. In addition, this screen promises an image area of ​​11.6 inches. Of course, this screen is small for a current console such as the Xbox Series S, but the mobility it will provide seems to please the players. Finally, the price of xScreen around $195

Let’s say it will be .


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