Description of Star Wars for EA Play Live event

July 22

It is known which games will be introduced at the EA Play Live event, which will be held at . Dragon Age 4, Mass Effect

(mtag101705) and Battlefield 2042in the middle of the games to be introduced. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, which was released in 2019, was liked by the fans, we are familiar with the metroidvania map design and souls-like games. checkpoint” system and game mechanics had a nice effect on the players. After a long absence, EA turned to story games for the first time and achieved success. Still, the story of the game was not satisfactory and the character relevance was developing rapidly. Still, fans are waiting for a sequel.

There won’t be a Star Wars game at the EA Play Live event

EA has confirmed that there will be no new Star Wars games at the EA Play Live event next week. This is EA’s Star Wars doesn’t mean he doesn’t plan his games. EA Star Wars

“We all look forward to celebrating with you next year as we share our vision for the Galaxy far, far away,” the Twitter account said.

Also EA, by January when Lucasfilm Games announced the revival Star Wars retained the development rights of their games. Shortly after, Ubisoft Massive Entertainment

A developed by open world announced the Star Wars game. This won’t slow down EA’s plans for Star Wars, and the company assures it will continue to develop games for the series. Nothing has been confirmed now, but Respawn is currently recruiting to work in the Star Wars development group, which is Jedi Fallen Order points to a sequel being made.

EA Play Live, July 22 at 20:00′ will take place.


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