Delta concern again in global markets

While the rapid spread of the Kovid-19 delta variant in the world increased the worries about global economic growth, global Stock Exchanges and US bond yields decreased due to the decrease in the risk appetite of investors, and the dollar appreciated.

The S&P 500 index tumbled a medium about 1.6 percent on Thursday, the hardest daily drop since May. The index closed down 0.86 percent. The Dow Jones lost 0.75 percent and the Nasdaq 100 lost 0.60 percent.

In the new process day, hard sales in Asia drew attention. The daily decline in the Japanese Nikkei index and the Chinese CSI 300 index exceeded 1 percent. Hong Kong Hang Seng index, on the other hand, diverged positively.

10-year bond yields in the US fell with risk-taking. UBS Global Wealth Management strategists predicted that the decline in bond yields and the exit from cyclical shares could reverse in the near future.

Strategists pointed out that the weak economic data announced in the last period was due to supply pressures rather than the slowdown in economic activity.

Delta becomes dominant in the US

While the number of global coronavirus cases exceeded 184.7 million and the loss of life exceeded 3.99 million, the delta variant, which first appeared in India, is on its way to becoming the dominant Kovid-19 mutation in the USA.

One of the biggest worries is the possibility of the delta variant escalating the number of cases in areas of the world with low vaccination rates. The World Health Organization also called on people to be cautious about the openings around the world in the shadow of increasing events.

While Japan announced an extraordinary situation that would include the Olympics in Tokyo due to the delta variant, it was decided that the Olympic Games to be held in the city would be held without spectators.

The South Korean Administration has decided to tighten the social recess rules in the Seoul region for two weeks starting from July 12.

In the middle, Pfizer/BioNTech will apply to the FDA for authorization for a third dose of Covid-19 vaccine.

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