Death Stranding Director’s Cut Release Date Announced

Kojima Productions, the most talked about game in 2019 ” Death Stranding. However, the game that the players were waiting for with great hopes, so to speak, could not give what was wanted with its plain story, and even said that this game consisted of a cargo simulator. PlayStation 5 announced that it will have a special version.

This game named Death Stranding Director’s Cut is now, with promotional image appeared. Both Sony and Kojima Productions shared the promotional footage of Death Stranding Director’s Cut and announced the game’s release date. Accordingly, players can access Death Stranding exclusive to PlayStation 5 With the prestige of September 24 will have the opportunity to access.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut will come with extra content

Promo footage for the Death Stranding Director’s Cut, the PlayStation 5 exclusive edition from the regular Death Stranding would be a little different reveals it. The developer team added to the game to keep the interest high. with extra content will offer players a different experience. As we see in the promotional image, the new version of the game; new weapons will come with some new accessories, new missions and transportation options.

The most precious feature of the Death Stranding Director’s Cut is, of course, with original graphic features be the future. The developer group will offer a much higher quality visual feast by integrating the technical features of PlayStation 5 into its game. However, the “cargo simulation” analogy of the game is in Death Stranding Director’s Cut. whether to changebut time will tell.

Promotional image for Death Stranding Director’s Cut


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