Date Set for New Nokia Flagship: When Will Nokia 10 Coming?

Nokia 9 PureView

We have been waiting for the successor of for a long time, but so far there is no information from the company about when it will introduce the new phone. Until now! A name at HMD Global shared information about when Nokia will introduce its new flagship.

Speaking to IT Home, a Chinese tech site, an HMD Global executive said: Nokia 10

He gave a date for . HMD Global manager shares the information that Nokia 10 will be released quickly before November 11, this date seems quite plausible. Because November 11 date It’s considered a big shopping day for China, so it makes sense for Nokia to aim to hit the shelves as quickly as November 11th. So, will the phone really be called Nokia 10?

Yes, as in the release date, there is no clarity on this issue either. Your new phone Nokia 10, Nokia 9. 2 or Nokia 9. 3

While there is a lot of information that it can be introduced as , the latest leaks indicate that the phone Nokia X60 or Nokia X60 Pro

He points out that it could be called . We’ll wait and see that.

On the other hand, Nokia’s new phone will have a 5-lens camera block again and the main camera in this camera area will be 108 MP or 200MP in the middle of what is known to be durable. For phone 6000mAh capacity battery and a screen with a 144Hz refresh rate are also spoken. If everything goes well and all these rumors are correct, we may encounter a nice Nokia model before 11 November.

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