Cryptocurrency Tax and Inspection Move Coming from the Ministry! Date Given!

Deputy Minister of Treasury and Finance Şakir Ercan Gül made valuable statements about cryptocurrencies. Gül stated that the legislative work that will protect investors, prevent money laundering, and strengthen control in cryptocurrency trading has been completed and this work will be submitted to the Parliament in October.

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According to the news of Hazal Ateş from Sabah newspaper, it is planned that crypto asset companies will operate under the supervision of the Capital Markets Board (SPK), and the base capital condition will be introduced.

Şakir Ercan Gül, Deputy Minister of Treasury and Finance, stated that the regulation that will be presented to the Parliament in October will be one like Western Europe and America, and used the following words:

“Since we are a country with a free exchange and exchange rate regime, we bring a little more stringent regulation. ”

On the other hand, as in European countries, taxes will be charged for prices above a certain price, and a capital rule will also be sought in companies. Also noteworthy are the following:

  • All companies in the system will be given a certain time to harmonize the infrastructure.
  • Reasonable criteria will be sought for brokerage house owners
  • Security investigations will be carried out
  • It is planned to take protective steps to show collateral.

Answers Attorneys’ Questions About Cryptocurrency

Ercan Gül, Deputy Minister of Treasury and Finance, answered the questions asked by the deputies regarding the regulation of cryptocurrencies at the Parliamentary Plan and Budget Committee. Talking about cryptocurrencies and bans, Gul said:

“The ones that ban are generally countries with democracy problems. There are free systems in Western Europe and America. We are introducing a slightly more stringent regulation. In a structure with free exchange regime, we are in search of making arrangements like three or five upper Western Europe or America. The basic regulations of the European Union on this will be in 2024. ”

Taxation Issue

It is still debated whether the taxation will be through income tax or direct taxes. But here the withholding option comes to the fore.

While all crypto money transfers over 10 thousand dollars in America are reported to the US Tax Office, there are applications in Europe, especially in Germany, to not be taxed on transfers below 600 Euros.

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