Coming Soon, Apps Can Be Installed On iPhones From Outside The App Store

US-based technology giant Apple has been on the agenda for a while as it does not allow the installation of applications from external sources to iPhones. The discussions that started with the Fortnite Mobile crisis with Epic Games brought to court, have come to different points with the parties defending themselves fiercely. But the latest developments, European Union’

It reveals that may also be involved in this problem.

According to a report in Reuters, one of the valuable names of the European Council Margrethe Vestager sent a special note to Apple. Vestager, whose name we have heard in the previous periods, especially in the problems related to competition, said in the note he sent that Apple’s privacy and security. by excuse stated that he thought he was trying to stay ahead of the competition. This critical statement may call the door to a new period for Apple.

Apps can be installed on iPhones from external sources if EU steps in

The memo sent to Apple by Margrethe Vestager could cause a new crisis for Apple. Because, if the European Union does not make a complaint to Apple regarding this issue, opens an inquiry, and if the company finds it unfair, it could force Apple to enable the installation of apps on iPhones from external sources. As a result, Apple made this decision in order not to lose the European market. submission will be required.

On the Apple front, the situation is still the same. The company administration has stated that iPhones are artifacts of tacit and security, that applications to be installed from external sources will not affect the user. will risk thinks. For this reason, the company states that it will never be possible to install applications on iPhones from outside the App Store. Of course, a lot of money goes into this area. Apple’s money developers make from the App Store 30 percent as a board, which also prevents privacy and security. The coming days seem to be pregnant with many things related to Apple.


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