Collaboration from PUBG Mobile that delights Tesla fans



Indispensable for smartphone owners PUBG Mobile continues to increase in popularity. Developer bringing frequent updates and various events to the game to stay on top Krafton, finally Elon Musk agreed with. The two companies, which went into a special cooperation, completed their work to add the well-known Tesla vehicles to the game.

Recognized almost all over the world and appealing to millions of players PUBG Mobile, after that in Cybertruck, Roadster and Model Y will host tools such as. These cars, which are a module of production, Tesla Drift will be a part of the game as part of the event.

Tesla factory is coming to PUBG map

First of all, mustu Elon Musk picture Twitter from his account. If soon after PUBG posted an image on their official account. Accordingly, the players Tesla’ of Cyberturck and Roadster will move on the map using its tools. The things you need to do to use these cars are quite easy.



Firstly the latest version C1S1

The rule is that you have installed the update. Soon afterwards, it was introduced as part of the firing duties. Tesla Drift

You need to participate in the event. In fact, the activity does not offer a fundamental innovation in the sense of the map. redesigned Erangel

This mod, which takes place on the map , adds futuristic elements to the game.

At the same time on the map, players Tesla Model Y where they can follow the production from beginning to end. Gigafactory

There is a factory named . Another different innovation is the autopilot reinforcement in vehicles, just like in real life. However, how well this feature will work and how it will work remains a mystery for now. It is expected that a kind of battery charging station will be added to the game for electric vehicles.

So what do you think about this issue? Tesla and PUBG Mobile

Will the partnership increase the popularity of the game even more? You can share your views with us in the comments section.


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