Clubhouse and TED partnership realized: New content is coming

Even though the clubhouse has lost its popularity in our country, it still has a valuable audience when we look at the world. The company is currently Like Facebook and Twitter we see that you are dealing with giants. Many social media platforms presented the original idea of ​​the platform to their users with different names. Because of this, Clubhouse establishes new partnerships in order not to lose its users.

TED talks are also coming to Clubhouse

Clubhouse has partnered with TED, one of the world’s largest podcast platforms. β€œ Thank Your Ass Off”, the first presentation is tomorrow at 18:00 CET will happen. According to the treaty, TED is free to market its own content or place works in these presentations. So TED will feel at home.

The established partnership is not for a conversation, of course. Special presentations will always be held, and there is no information about whether Turkish content will come in the coming days. Presentations for now English, we know.

If you have used Clubhouse before, you may have noticed that chat rooms mostly focus on business life conversations. TED talks also takes place on this agenda in general. Therefore, we can say that the realized partnership will contribute greatly to the contents of the Clubhouse.

Clubhouse competes with giant companies

Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces

These days, social media platforms do not leave each other alone. Clubhouse

Shortly after gained momentum, giants such as Facebook and Twitter integrated the idea into their own platforms. This puts Clubhouse, which is not very large in scale, into a difficult competition with social media giants.


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