Chrome Will Not Put Its Users On Sites It Deems Unsafe!

Google’s Chrome’

A new feature he is considering adding to will redirect users from non-believers using HTTP to sites using HTTPS. The search giant has long been an active advocate of the HTTPS protocol, and since 2018 has marked sites using the HTTP protocol as “unsafe” using the lock icon at the top of the browser. Last year, with an update, it started to display warnings to prevent users from entering their information on forms that it deemed unbelievable on HTTPS sites.

If, as suggested, a mode is added to Chrome that will only use the HTTPS protocol, then it will go to the Advanced security settings ” Always use faithful contacts” option will appear. When this setting is enabled, Chrome will no longer connect to sites that do not use HTTPPS. it will remember it and will not have any trouble opening this site (even if it thinks it is unsafe).

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