Candace Parker will be NBA 2K’s first female cover athlete

Twenty-two years after its debut, the NBA 2K basketball game will be a female for the first time. WNBA MVP and 2016 WNBA Finals MVP Candace Parker, NBA 2K22 will be featured on the front of the WNBA 25th Anniversary Special Edition.

Parke will be one of several basketball stars to appear on the cover of NBA 2K22. In the standard version of the new game of the series, Luka Doncic will be NBA 75th Anniversary Edition series will feature Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki and Karemm Abdul-Jabbar.

This step of 2K was welcomed

It should be noted that WNBA 25th Anniversary Special Edition is exclusive to GameStop. September 10

For PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X at from $70 The release, which will go on sale, includes a pack of WNBA jerseys for seven exclusive games, one for Parker.

Although it took a long time for 2K to put a female sportsman on the cover of an NBA game, it’s being priced in as a positive step forward. Candance Parker, who will be on the cover of a game for the first time, celebrated this event with her sharing on her Twitter account. “I am extremely proud to be the first female cover sportsman in history,” Parker said. I am honored to work with a successful company that invests in women.

With its success in sports games for years, the game, which is still closely followed by the players, continues to stand out as it offers an extraordinary experience for basketball fans.

https://twitter. com/Candace_Parker/status/1415311818071756806

NBA 2K22’s prices in Turkey are as follows; While the standard package will be sold for 429 TL, the 75th anniversary special package will be sold for 709 TL. However, the game does not have any price information for other platforms.


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