Business Assumed to be Mining Bitcoin (BTC) with Playstation 4 in Ukraine Is Doing FIFA Mining

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) raided a business believed to be mining cryptocurrencies. Security groups found thousands of PS4 Pros lined up on the shelves in front of them.

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According to the news in Sabah, a warehouse near Vinnytsiaoblenergo electricity and power distribution company was raided by SBU in Ukraine. More than 5000 pieces of hardware including more than 500 graphics cards and 50 processors were confiscated, along with 3800 PS4 Pros in the farm’s warehouse. It is said that the total cost of 3800 PS4 Pros is almost $ 1 million.

It seems that individuals who set up the mining farm were mining FIFA Ultimate Team, not PS4 Pro crypto money. When the devices thought to be mining cryptocurrencies were examined, FIFA 2021 game CDs came out of the devices. According to the information obtained, the company was trying to obtain rare cards in Ultimate Team mode with these PS4s. It should be noted that these few cards are quite valuable.

Authorities announced that those who set up the farm used special meters to steal electricity by connecting to the city’s electricity grid. The electricity distribution company explained to the Kyiv Post that the equipment used for mining cryptocurrencies was never included in their facilities.

Investigations into the incident are continuing, he said.

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