Bought Altcoin With Value Going To Zero! Millions Won

Altcoin projects in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space are notorious for their spikes and crashes. TITAN, which exhibited such a price movement, had fallen to almost zero in the past weeks. Crypto users were stunned by this drop, as TITAN received the boost from famous billionaire Mark Cuban. It has now been revealed that a TITAN investor bought over a million dollars in benefits from the zero altcoin. Here are the details…

Altcoin, which went down to almost zero, made the investor wealthy

Cryptocoin. com, on the morning of June 17, the governance token of IRON Finance fell from $ 60 to $ 0.00000015109. But right now, TITAN is trading at 160 times higher at its lowest price. At the time of writing, 0.00000185 dollar levels are observed. Many investors who were exposed to this downward process faced huge losses. However, one investor gained 600 ETH (about $1,273,806,000) with the recovery in this period after the drop. Well, how did he do that?

30-day TITAN chart

According to 8BTC’s interview, the investor did not make any breakthroughs during the time TITAN always rose. But by following the project closely, he made a decisive breakthrough when faced with a crisis and established a position step by step. Mentioning that he has attained financial freedom since he met blockchain in 2012 and started investing in crypto, the investor said that people need the ability to earn more money than earning money directly.

Investor: I knew that the project would not be given up easily

The investor, who said that he was watching the project calmly, said that the popularity of IRON Finance was high and that the team behind it would not give up on the project easily, and that he thought they would recover even if they failed. He stated that he finally decided to buy 60 ETH TITAN, which also increased the situation a bit.

When it is mentioned that TITAN is also an algorithmic stablecoin, the investor states that this method is very optimistic about the future of DeFi stablecoins, and these coins are very suitable for the spirit of blockchain. He also stated that he recently invested in the Fei project, which is fixed to 1 dollar, and that the income is very stable. In addition, he announced that he has investments such as UNI, AAVE and FIL.

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