BMW 3 Series offers zero interest and exchange support advantage

The BMW 3 series provides car fans with an unmissable boost of interest and swaps. Accordingly, the car manufacturer 220. 000 TL

to 0 percent offers interest rate advantage, swap reinforcement and other flexible payment options.

Price list of BMW 3 Series

It is stated that the BMW 3 Series, which claims to leave traditions, old expectations and everything else behind, represents the beginning of a new era with its pioneering design language. While the powerful and efficient engines of the car highlight the true meaning of the sporty sedan, this situation is taken to a different point with the new body of the BMW 3 series.

The price list for the 2020 model BMW 3 Series, which stands out as the vision of a new era, is as follows:

BMW 320i Sedan

Sportline: 681. 100 TL

Luxury Line: 713.800 TL

M Sport: 737. 200 TL

BMW 330e xDrive Sedan

Edition M Sport: 1. 566. 800 TL

New BMW 320d xDrive Touring

Luxury Line: 957. 900 TL

M Sport: 984. 800 TL

Standing out with the slogan of the vision of a new era, the BMW 3 Series promises a new generation driving experience with its outstanding design and safety features. The details of the 0% interest loan option within the scope of the BMW 3 Series are as follows:


Credit Price: 220.000 TL

Term: 12 Months

Monthly Payment Amount: 18. 333 TL

Sole Proprietorship

Credit Price: 220. 000 TL

Term: 12 Months

Monthly Payment Amount: 18. 333 TL


Loan Amount: 220. 000 TL

Term: 12 Months

Monthly Payment Amount: 18. 333 TL

For more detailed information about the new advantageous package of the BMW 3 Series, you can visit here.


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