Block Windows 10 Start Menu from Windows 11!

Windows 11, classic in the latest preview build of the new OS Windows 10 completely blocked the ability to return to the Start menu and disappointed some testers in the process. Actually, this is not surprising, since the ability to return to the old (left-aligned) Start menu was only available as a discontinuous analysis. Some tricks had to be done in the Registry to make it active.

In every situation, 22000. In the new compilation with code 65 Microsoft changed Windows 11 so this Registry tweak will no longer work and there is no way to bring back the old Start menu for those who don’t like the new Start menu that comes with Windows 11.

Microsoft’s ambition in doing so is of course to enable testers to use the new Start menu and find and report any bugs or issues with it. After all,

(mtag101702)Windows Insider

That’s the whole goal of the program.

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