Bitcoin (BTC) Mining Giant Bitmain Opens a Store in Istanbul

The world-famous company Bitmain, which produces Bitcoin (BTC) mining devices, opened a store in Istanbul.

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Bitmain’s official distributor in MENA and Turkey, Phoenix Store, The St. Regis opened a store in Istanbul and entered the Turkish market. Phoenix Store aims to bring miners in Turkey with cold wallets and mining devices.

As it is known, interest in cryptocurrencies in Turkey has started to increase day by day in recent years. This situation has managed to attract the attention of many brands. In addition, Bitmain also entered the Turkish market together with the Phoenix Store. Phoenix is ​​also the official distributor of brands such as Trezor, Cool Wallet and Ledger.

Phil Harvey, CEO of Phoenix Store, made a statement on the issue regarding their first investment in Turkey, and used the following words:

“As Phoenix Store, we are pleased to step into Turkey with Bitmain. Turkey is among the countries that show the most interest in cryptocurrencies. This interest of Turkish investors has been one of the factors that pushed us to the Turkish market. As the official distributor of Bitmain, we will offer the most advanced Antminer devices and cold wallets that secure crypto assets to Turkish investors. The crypto money market is developing, and we think that Turkish investors will weigh in on their crypto investments. ”

Harvey, speaking of the pressures of China on miners, said that the miners started to go to countries such as Kyrgyzstan and expressed that they are considering including Turkey in this acceleration.

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