Bitci. Analysis with com Contributions: Is the Market Under Systematic Attack?

Turkey’s most visited president, Bitcoin and crypto money news portal, Kriptokoin, is here with the eighth part of the podcast series! Cryptocurrency exchange Bitci, which has signed many elements in the market. com and moderated by economics journalist Mehmet Çoban, we host Bitci Teknoloji R&D Manager Mehmet Tekçe and columnist Serkan Aydın in this part of our podcast. Bitci. com, we put the following bets on the table in this part of the podcast series:


  • Conspiracy theories are rising from the crypto currency branch! Is the market under a systematic influx?

Bitci. What’s in the 8th part of the podcast series prepared with com contributions?


The cryptocurrency market is facing more pressure and bans than ever before. The developments that took place in both Asia, the USA and the EU last week caused conspiracy theories to emerge amid the bulls. Cryptocurrency opposition, which is getting heavier both in terms of systematic and timing, has worried experts and investors. Therefore, in this week’s podcast, we discussed the striking developments that led to the emergence of conspiracy theories.


In this part of our podcast series, you will hear critical developments about Bitcoin and altcoin markets from a different perspective, as well as the bets mentioned. You will also find comments and predictions about possible developments in the cryptocurrency market in our podcast. For these and more, it is followed daily by many crypto money investors from Turkey and around the world, and many professionals who are parties to the market. Cryptocoin. com

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