Battlefield 1 Claimed to Be Delivered Free Weekly

EA, its new game Battlefield 2042

He is always trying different things to increase the excitement for . For players who flocked to Battlefield 4 following the introduction of Battlefield 2042 in the past few weeks. increasing server capacityEA will try a different route this time.

According to the theses put forward, EA, next week will give Battlefield 1 for free. In this way, the company, which aims to attract players to the Battlefield series again, will release it. For Battlefield 2042 is thought to do.

Battlefield 1 will be distributed free of charge

Known for his leaks about Battlefield and Call of Duty games Tom Henderson announced on his Twitter account that the game will be free next week. Henderson in one-on-one about Battlefield 2042 first truth information was one of the sharers.

According to Henderson, Battlefield 1 for computer users only will be distributed exclusively on Origin. But Henderson very unlikely, he states that console players can also have this game for free.

The goal is to win players back

Battlefield V’s 2018 after controversial releasemany players have moved away from the Battlefield series. EA gave these players free of charge to Battlefield 1, which was released in 2016. recover is targeting.

The date when Battlefield 1 will be free is likely July 22

to be held at EA Live conference is expected to be done on the same date. In this way, EA will attract players interested in Battlefield 2042 to Battlefield 1 and to get them excited may work.

Battlefield 2042 is a collection of fan-made maps that have been widely loved and recognized in past titles. updated versions will also be included.


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