Bad news for PC players from FIFA 22!

Broadcast Electronic Arts’ is the developer of EA Vancouver famous football game undertaken by FIFA 22, was officially introduced yesterday evening. Famous football player in the cover photo Kylian Mbappe

The game with new generation features also managed to excite the players.

Players FIFA 22′

While we are excited about the introduction of , especially PC gamers shocking an improvement appeared. Upon this Reactions to Electronic Arts

While was growing like an avalanche, this situation became the agenda in the social media.

FIFA 22 PC version will not have next-gen features

Playstation 5, Xbox Series X I S after the release of their console game companies a large part their production in a form suitable for the new generation is launching. In this way on the side of both graphics and gameplay technologies we have the opportunity to experience the games in the most appropriate way. And also Playstation 4 and Xbox One also play games on old generation consoles. deprived of new generation features is running somehow.

This is exactly where FIFA 22’s PCversion, deprived of new generation features will meet with users somehow. This is supported by the next generation consoles. HyperMotion technology of many features including will not be in PC version

It means . HyperMotion technology in FIFA 22 more realistic animationsto create their movements in real matches analyzing and integrating into the game and machine collection

It presents an animation technique that works with .

Unfortunately, PC players will not be able to experience these features. In fact, this situation is not new for PC gamers. As it will be remembered, after the new generation consoles came out, they were made suitable for the new generation in FIFA 21. However, there was no random update for the PC version. On top of that, producer Aaron McHardy said, “When we thought about which generation to make the game compatible with, we considered our fans and the capabilities of their computer hardware. ” he used the words.

Bad news came for PC players as well as old generation console players. Because if you buy FIFA 22 on your old generation console, you will have to buy the game again if you upgrade your console.


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