Bad news for modders in GTA San Andreas and Vice City

Rockstar Games

Playing games with mods greatly increases the dose of revel. Many content such as weapons, maps and vehicles can be added by the developers to the game that is interfered with from the outside. Not that Take Two Interactive was disturbed by this and some GTA San Andreas

(mtag101705) and Vice City plugins DMCA brought the ban.

GTA: DMCA ban came to Underground mode

Take Two Interactive, GTA doesn’t seem too happy for the fans who mod their game. Company not available for download GTA: Underground

against numerous projects including DMCA

Applied takedown process via .

GTA: Underground; GTA San Andreas, Liberty City, Vice City, Manhunt, Manhunt 2

(mtag101705) and Bully was a project that combined maps into one game. It also includes gang warfare, additional vehicles and weapons. But the mod is now ModDB

Not available on . After the event, the developer GTAForums

He posted a statement on .

The developer with the username

dkluin said, “This morning GTA Underground, Take Two Interactive presented to the name DMCA on takedown notice ModDB

Removed from . We are currently trying to search for an analysis and our release plans have been put on hold for now. We will keep you informed as the situation progresses. ” said.

top case Take Two GTA 3

(mtag101705) and GTA Vice City rather against the engineering project DMCA came after a takedown attempt. However, although a counter lawsuit was filed for the developers, the bill continued. Re3

(mtag101705) and reVC

The mod called brings new features and improvements to the game. However, a number of bug fixes have been made. Additionally, the two games are now compatible with existing controllers and do not have mid-island loading screens.

Take Two Interactive has not made a statement on the subject now

Take Two no explanation about takedowns now. At this point, it became difficult for mod makers to decide whether to continue or OK. Some rumors suggest that this is due to a planned GTA 3 or Vice City states that it points to the remaster version. But this is an assumption at the moment.

Rockstar Games only for now GTA Online

It seems to be focused on . Because the mod is always getting updates and expansions.

You Take Two Interactive

What do you think about ‘s ban on modders?


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