Austrian GP Winner Announced in Formula 1

At the Formula 1 World Championship to the ninth race of the term once again became the residence of Austria. The winner on the track where the eighth race was held, Red Bull driver Max Verstappen.

Dutch driver Verstappen has a total of won his fifth victory. Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas and McLaren’s Lando Norris take the podium second and third, respectively Lewis Hamilton finished the race in fourth place.

Verstappen and Hamilton’s difference of 32 points

In the Austrian GP, ​​the ninth race of the 2021 Formula 1 era, the expected rain did not come and the race took place on a completely dry track. The front row of 7 was retained throughout the first variant. Max Verstappen was at the forefront at this time. alpine pilot Esteban Ocon said goodbye to the race in the first type due to the broken right front suspension.

Continuing the race Entering the gravel pit, Perez dropped to tenth place. Continuing the race at the front were Verstappen, Norris, Hamilton and Bottas with this event. in the twentieth gender Norris gets a 5-second time penalty for pushing Perez off the track. No matter how hard he chased Norris, Hamilton, who could not pass, rose to the second place with this event.

The difference between Verstappen and Hamilton in the continuation of the race 20 seconds found. Slowly losing speed due to damage to the bottom of his car, Hamilton lagged behind Bottas and Norris after a delay. The difference in the middle to 28 seconds Verstappen pitted while entering the last 10 variants and tire problems fixed. The Dutch pilot, who returned to the race after the trouble-free pit stop and continued to widen the gap, became the first name to reach the checkered flag finished the race with 26 points. between Verstappen and Hamilton point difference, thus increased to 32.


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