Are you aware? A Quiet Revolution Is Happening in Cheap Phones!

When we look at the cheap phone category a few years ago, we see that there are models that compromise many features. But nowadays, it’s clear that many flagship smartphone features, from fingerprint scanners to multi-camera setups, are included in more affordable smartphones. Now that includes process power.

Qualcomm earlier this year Snapdragon 870 announced the processor. The company’s flagship processor Snapdragon 888

The Snapdragon 870, which produces power close to the performance provided by , but gives life to smartphones that are more accessible with its price, found its place in only a few models in the first place. Motorola Edge S, OnePlus 9R, Black Shark 4, Vivo X60 series and Xiaomi Poco F3, Snapdragon 870 is expected to be found in more smartphones this year. This means that the high-level performance requirement can be met in mid-range budget smartphones.

For example, Poco F3, one of these phones, with its overseas price. $329 finds buyers at a price. We mostly see for flagship phone models. 600 Dollars – 1000 Dollars

This number, which is quite suitable compared to the range , of course, changes a little when things come to our country. We are currently using the Poco F3 in our country. 5398 TL price, it is a fact that this price is not very economical. However, if we look at it globally, it is very valuable for this segment to adapt the rising bar in terms of performance to other smartphone segments.

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