Application Performing Water Resistance Test: Water Resistance Tester

Many flagship smartphones today Fulfill IP68 requirements up to 1.5 meters deep water resistant can show. This certification also means that the device can withstand dust and sand. If now Water Resistance Tester Android app without water water resistance test arouses curiosity with its realization thesis.

The Water Resistance Tester uses your smartphone’s barometer to check the integrity of its waterproof seals. The more interesting thing about this is that, as we mentioned at the beginning, you don’t need water to measure the water resistance of your phone. While the barometric sensor determines the pressure level inside the device, the app can measure changes in that pressure level.

To use the application, it is enough to put your phone on a surface and press your thumbs firmly on the screen. After testing, the app will let you know if your phone’s water resistance is still intact. Of course, let’s also say that if your device does not have an IP rating or barometer, you cannot use the application.

The developer also warns against exposing your old smartphone to splashes. This is because as the phone ages, the gaskets can no longer function.

app Google Play Store

You can download it for free on . To get rid of ads, you need to pay $ 0.99.

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