Application Exposing ‘Sleeping’ MPs on Twitter

Dries Depoorter, a Belgium-based technology company, uses Python artificial intelligence based face and phone recognition system. This software, which differs slightly from its previous examples, warns politicians who are interested in their phones during the parliamentary meeting, and in a way reveals it.

Thanks to this technology called The Flemish Scrollers at the parliamentary meeting broadcast live on YouTube identifies politicians interested in the artificial intelligence phone and creates a post by tagging these individuals on both Twitter and Instagram.

How does Flemish Scrollers work?

All meetings of the Flemish Municipality of Belgium are broadcast live on YouTube. When the live broadcast starts Python, this software automatically starts scanning phones and thanks to artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology detects politicians who are distracted and interested in their phone. He shares photos of politicians interested in his phone on Instagram and Twitter.

If you can’t view the tweet here you can click

Designed to prevent politicians from dealing with their phones in such valuable meetings, this software does not forget to add the politicians it detects to its posts on social media platforms. Flemish Scrollers, photos; ” Dear distracted X people, please focus on your work“.


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