Apple takes operating systems to the next level

Probably the most appreciated part of Apple works may be their software. The company both maintains a software ecosystem and develops operating systems at a rapid pace. Under Apple’s policy tvOS, watchOS and iPadOS has moved to a new development stage.

During the day, iOS also moved to a new level and we shared it with you.

iPadOS 15, tvOS 15 and watchOS 8 are in beta 3 phase

The operating systems that we will start using in the fall have moved to the third beta level. This beta process is more than users for developers is recommended. As a user, beta versions can make for a bad experience, but for developers, it’s not worth much.

The new beta update is available through the Apple Developer Center. We met with the previous process, beta 2, at the end of June, and accordingly, the beta processes in 2-3 weeks we can deduce that it has moved on to the next stage. After all, the last versions of these operating systems will be with Apple users in the fall. So if you’re just a curious user, it’s best to continue enjoying the current version for now.

If you want to install this update, you must follow the steps in the Developer Center and sign up for the beta program. Then you will be registered to the beta and trying the innovations early.


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