Apple Finally Improves MacBook Pro’s Unchanged Feature for Years

Increase in working from home due to the pandemic, meeting and training virtual appearance increased the need for webcams. Apple seems to be taking a new step in this regard. to be released soon 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro

The latest rumor about ‘s, integrated FaceTime camera on the side that it will eventually be upgraded to 1080p. Rumor is known for Apple rumors coming true on Twitter @dylandkt

Brought to language by . The one-to-one source claims that the new and improved camera will be integrated into all other computers in the Mac lineup after the MacBook Pros.

While nothing is official now, this rumor is absolutely plausible: MacBooks and iMacs have been coming with 720p webcams for a few years now and are lagging behind technology. Apple knows that webcams are more valuable than ever in today’s computers, so it makes perfect sense for the FaceTime camera to upgrade. MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro last year, equipped with new M1 chip, but there was no change in the camera.

The new Apple computers are expected to come with the new and improved Apple M1X processor. It is assumed that the 2022 version of the MacBook Air will follow, and it will also have the M2 processor. In addition, who claims also says that Apple will retire the Touch Bar.

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