Apple Employees Are Even Risking To Resign To Avoid Returning To The Office!

In the period from 2019 to the present COVID-19

The world, shaken by the epidemic, is now slowly starting to become normal. With the increase in the publication of the vaccine, the number of incidents began to decrease and the rate of spread of the epidemic began to decrease, while a return to the old days is at the door. But not everyone wants to go back to the old days exactly.

While remote working, which started with COVID-19, has significantly affected business life, this is a valuable segment. new regular“. Now, with the normalization movement, the doors of the offices are starting to open and the business life is starting to return to its old days, not everyone is happy with this situation. Many employees do not want to go back to the office and even resign if office shift is required These include Apple employees!

According to a survey study, a valuable part of Apple employees do not want to return to the office. 147k in a survey on the 1-person iPhone workforce 58. 5 percent, a significant rate, ” I’m worried that some of my colleagues will have to leave Apple due to the lack of flexible working options,36. 7 percent, on the other hand, express that they absolutely agree with this view.

While many companies, including Apple, are giving the green light to full-time work in the upcoming period, hybrid working model

There are also intentions on . Let’s see what kind of decision companies will take in the next period. So what do you guys think about remote work? If working full-time is a must, would you quit your job and consider doing a different job? Share your ideas with us in the comments.

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