AOC’s New Portable Monitor is Launching! Here are the Features!

AOC expands its portfolio of portable monitors with the new I1601P. An easy solution that extends a single monitor setup to a multi-monitor solution, whether portable displays are on the go, at work, or in a small home office. The 39.5 cm (15.6″) I1601P is compact and its size resembles a laptop screen. I1601P

The model features Full HD resolution and IPS panel technology to produce strong colours, rigidity and wide viewing angles (170/170┬░). Thanks to the single cable analysis (cable included in the box), the model can be USB-A both USB-C can be connected with the input.

Whether you work from home or the office, a second screen effectively doubles the workable screen area, increasing productivity. It is now clear to many that working on a single screen, such as a laptop screen, hinders their workflow by causing a cluttered and overloaded workspace.

Of course, this also applies if it is the subject of working while on the road. Users who are accustomed to working with two screens on their desks in the office will also want one-to-one productivity increase while on the road, train, plane or in the field.

AOC’s portable displays are a life saver in situations like these. AOC’s portfolio of portable displays has many options. For example, the I1601FWUX offers a 15.6-inch portable display with USB-C connectivity. The I1659FWUX, on the other hand, offers an exemplary panel with USB DisplayLink technology using the USB-A port.

The brand new I1601P model, on the other hand, brings out the best of both worlds thanks to its hybrid, single-cable analysis. For USB-C equipped laptops and devices, the 1601P can be easily connected with a single USB-C cable. The contact will power the display and transmit the image signal with USB DisplayPort Alternate mode.

Beyond flexibility

As USB-C technology spreads, older laptops and devices may not have such a port. In this case, DisplayLink technology transmits the landscape signal over the standard USB-A port, so this improvement in instant productivity is presented to a new spectrum in older and newer devices. DisplayLink drivers are available for download for a variety of operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, ChromeOS, and Ubuntu.

Flexible use for both classic and contemporary computers makes possible many scenarios in which the I1601P can be used. In workplaces and residences, where some devices may have USB-C and some may only have USB-A, the I1601P enables a display to be expandable. The added benefit of having a second screen is huge. One screen can show an email or IM program, while the other screen can show a Word document or spreadsheet. Or you can watch an image on one screen and take notes on the other. It’s up to your imagination!

Carry confidently anywhere

The minimalist design of the I1601P is backed by gray aluminum and in front of it are thin, black bezels. The included SmartCase case can prevent the screen from being scratched while being transported, and can also be used as a foldable stand. Loading just 800g, it’s light enough to be carried in a purse or backpack on planes, trains or commuting every day.

AOC’s I1601P features a 15.6-inch IPS panel with 1920 x 1080 resolution. It also has a 60 Hz refresh rate and a 5 ms GtG reaction time. With a brightness level of 220 nits and an anti-reflective coating, it can be used in most common lighting situations. LowBlue technology can be activated to reduce the blue wavelength light that could be wasted. The I1601P can be used in image and portrait modes. to the OSD with physical buttons and also i-Menu software. The Auto-Pivot function can also be activated from here.

AOC I1601P, From August 2021 from 289 USD can be found in the market at the recommended retail price.

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