Another New Feature to Come with Android 12 Has Come to Light!

Samsung users, since 2016 scrolling screenshot feature is using. This feature was first introduced with the Galaxy S7. Exactly 5 years later, Google offers this feature to all mobile phone users together with Android 12. But it turns out that Google’s scrolling screenshot recording feature won’t be as good as Samsung’s.

Google started testing sliding screen landscapes with the beta version of Android 11, but this feature never reached the final version for some reason. The company reintroduced this feature with the third beta of Android 12 this week. This feature, which allows users to take long screenshots, still does not work well inside applications. For example, it seems to work fine on Google Messages and Twitter, but not in web browsers.

Google’s latest public release of Android 12 When published in October 2020 is hoped to fix this feature. The internet giant stated that the feature is currently working in View-based UIs and web-based rollout can be expected in the future. Samsung’s sliding screen landscapes app allows users to annotate, crop and send these screenshots after they’ve been captured. Samsung even allows users to add tags so they can be found simply in the Gallery app.

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