Another New Chrome Feature From Google For Android Users!

Google to make it more useful and offer more options Chrome continues to add new features to different versions. Now it’s time for the address bar, namely Omnibox

Came to . The latest in innovation offers useful options for Android users who always go to one-on-one sites.

According to the change noticed in the Android version of Chrome, Google makes it easier for users to access the sites they visit frequently. This is good news, especially for Android users. Yes, bookmarks have been used for a long time, but an efficient bookmarking system has not been developed for either Android or iOS so far.

While we can’t fully review it as it’s currently only being tested on selected users, we know that when you tap the address bar of the new feature, you’ll see icons for your favorite sites. According to the news of Android Police “”.

If you noticed this feature, but were not happy, chrome://flags/#omnibox-most-visited-tiles

It is also possible to go to and turn it off from here.

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