Another Legend of the Gaming World Returns: Get Ready for the New Dead Space!

Electronic Arts’s for a new Dead Space game has been announced to start working. VentureBeat is the new game that EA commissioned Motive studio for the series that had been forgotten on dusty shelves for more than eight years. Resident Evil 2 style game it says it will.

Author Jeff Grubb, on the other hand, describes the new game with these words: ” We will use the original game as a “strong foundation”, combining it with contemporary visuals and gameplay. Fans of the series can expect a seamless experience.

We can expect to hear more details about the new Dead Space at EA’s Play event on July 22. But it is also useful not to think that the new Dead Space will definitely appear. A new Dead Space game was expected to be released in 2017, but this game was canceled with a sudden decision. Even after this cancellation decision, Visceral Games was also closed.

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