Analyst Has Given The Most Realistic Price Target For Cardano: These Levels!

Cryptocurrency analyst Jason Pizzino outlines his prospects for Cardano (ADA) in the second half of the year. Pizzino explains that the charts show “buyers running away” from ADA and that Cardano’s technical information does not look good in the short term. Cryptocoin. com The theses attract a lot of attention after Cardano’s upcoming Alanzo upgrade and its inclusion in Grayscale’s funds. We examine the technical details shared by the analyst on Youtube…

Jason Pizzino: Cardano could drop below $1

Explaining that he believes that ADA may drop below $1 in the coming weeks or months depending on how the general market moves, Jason Pizzino states that the market has not been seen enough so far and that the upward movements have decreased. According to the analyst, ADA could fall to $0.40 in the next few months. Stating that the price can hover in the range of $ 1 to $ 0. 40, the analyst emphasizes that more than one investor is expecting an increase and adds the following explanations…

In addition to the short-term expectations of decline, Jason Pizzino, addressing approximately 200,000 Youtube subscribers, also finds it possible for Cardano (ADA) to rise 100% to 300% from its current level of $1.21 until the end of the year. The analyst’s statement that he takes the market price into account is as follows:

$2.50, this old top. That would be a market cap of $80 billion. $3.75 would have a market cap of $120 billion. $5 would be a market cap of $560 billion. It’s all here at your fingertips.

According to the analyst, will ADA be able to see $10?

Commenting on the investors’ expectation of 10 dollars, Pizzino explained that this price is very optimistic. While Bitcoin and Ethereum are rising, the analyst believes that the president should switch to cryptos, and finally comments:

Can ADA reach $10? This means that we will be needy at a market expense of $320 billion. We now have ADA with a market cap of $40 billion. We have Ethereum with a market cap of $220 billion.

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