AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution Technology Coming to New Games

AMD talked about some of the innovations in FidelityFX Excellent Resolution (FSR) technology in a recent blog post. As you know, this technology provides high performance with minimal losses in landscape quality. In addition, we can say that it is a direct competitor of NVIDIA’s DLSS technology.

Red staff announced that the source code of the technology has started to be made publicly available through GPUOpen under the MIT license. Thus, game developers will be able to use technology much more easily and integrate codes simply. In addition, support will be provided for graphics APIs such as DirectX 11, DirectX 12 and Vulkan.

AMD apparently relies heavily on the multi-pass Lanczos algorithm in its FSR technology. However, it has also been announced that FSR will come to four games in the near future. These are Arcadegeddon, Necromunda: Hired Gun, Resident Evil Village and Edge of Eternity.

In addition, it should be noted that valuable game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine will support FSR. Long story short, we’ll be seeing FSR technology in many more games soon.

GPUOpen now has all the documentation and examples of the new technology. A closer look at the source code provided by the red team reveals that there are no external dependencies and DLLs. So all developers are free to make changes and adaptations as they see fit. Using NVIDIA’s DLSS technology is much more difficult and limited.

Before we end, let me remind you that AMD FidelityFX Superior Resolution technology can be used in AMD, NVIDIA and even Intel branded graphics cards including HD Graphics.

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