Amazon Starts Listing Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

In a content we shared with you recently, South Korean technology giant Samsung’s upcoming smart watch Galaxy Watch 4 Classic’s design has been leaked we mentioned. Today, Samsung has shared its new smartwatch in an image on YouTube. officially showed. Now, this smart watch has come to light once again. this time Amazon has released the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic on the zest. Of course, it is up to you to believe whether this is indeed a mistake or not.

Scenes featured on Amazon’s website available in Canada, Winfuture

It was discovered through the website . Cached version of the page in question, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 family new members was showing one by one. Moreover, the release date and price information are also included in the listings. Accordingly, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 family will start from $ 250 on August 27.

(mtag101702) With prices up to $370 available for purchase.

Galaxy Watch 4 models accidentally listed on Amazon Canada

*Price information in the photo above indicates the prices of the works in Canadian dollars. We quickly wrote the prices in US dollars in the paragraph below.

Amidst the works listed on Amazon Canada are the 40- and 44-millimeter versions of the Galaxy Watch 4 and the 42- and 46-millimeter versions of the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. That’s exactly what the price difference is. from size difference stems. According to the information in Amazon Canada, a consumer who wants to buy a 40 mm Galaxy Watch 4,

(mtag101702) 250 dollars will pay. The price of the 44mm Galaxy Watch 4 is $280, while the 42mm Galaxy Watch 4 Classic costs $340 and the 46mm Galaxy Watch 4 Classic seems to cost $370.

Samsung’s new smartwatches listed on Amazon Canada, these works technical specifications has also been exposed. When we look at these features, we can see that some versions of Samsung’s new smart watches 247mAh, some others 361mAh, we can see that it will have high-capacity batteries. In addition, features such as sleep tracking, blood pressure measurement, sports activities tracking are also in the middle of the listed features. This development has led to the loss of all excitement about Samsung’s new smart watch. . .


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