All about Steam Deck! What are we waiting for?

Valve recently announced a surprise new handheld console. Even if we assume that the console wars took place in the middle of Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo was partially involved in this war. But with this announcement, there is now a new front of the console wars: handheld consoles. Now Nintendo Switch dominated a tight competition will be discussed in this market soon. This competition started Steam Deck

We have listed what we know about .

All about Steam Deck

Two hours before the OLED screen version of the Nintendo Switch was made available for pre-order, Valve announced its new handheld console. The biggest difference of this console compared to Switch to the entire Steam library was to allow access. You might think handhelds aren’t for AAA games, but Steam Deck the opposite proves it.

Steam Deck

The most argumentative part of the console in our opinion is that it does not lag behind the features of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. In this handheld console AMD Zen 2architecture CPU v e RDNA 2architected GPU is available. To this couple 16GB RAM accompanies. Thus, let alone competing with handheld consoles, we see that it can compete with game consoles.

The most ambivalent part of the job is the screen. your console 7 inch screen, and we wouldn’t say that this size is far from smartphones. Naturally, we cannot attribute this resolution to a 4K gaming experience, but instead. 1200×800 resolution provided.

Battery performance, which is another valuable point, is sufficient compared to Nintendo Switch. While Nintendo Switch promises 4.5 to 9 hours of use on a single charge in different usage scenarios, Steam Deck 7 to 8 mid o’clock promises use. Since this information comes directly from the manufacturers, we will see the most accurate result when the console is in our hands.

Will it be possible to connect to an external display?

Will it be possible to connect to an external display?

As on the Nintendo Switch, the console dock accessory will also be. With this accessory, you will be able to charge the console and connect to an external display. The dock will not be in the console’s box content; Will have to buy separately. However, the USB-C cable that will come out of the box for charging will do the same job.

Promises on integration

Steam Deck

The mention of its name may hurt some of you, but the PS Vita is not bad at all. integration didn’t have it. PlayStation Network and remote play features were fully working. Steam Deck will keep the integration with the Steam community at a high level. Data synchronization will be made in the middle of the PC and handheld console, so the part you passed on the PC will be passed on the console as well. however, Remote Play will also be based.

Will we be able to play Epic Games Store games?

Epic Games Store

Yes, in a surprising form. After Valve’s official announcement in your Epic Games library you will be able to play games on this console.

What will be the Steam Deck price?

Steam Deck

Since the console was introduced as a surprise, we don’t have to bang the head for the Steam Deck price. The price of the console varies according to the storage area. 64GB variant 400 dollars, which is 256GB 530 dollars and the 512GB one from $630 will be sold. Let us remind you that if these prices are too high for this storage, you can install your own SSD on the device.

Editor’s comment

Considering the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X prices, Steam Deck may be a little precious. However, considering the width of the game library, this consideration can be taken into consideration. Get the $400 version of the console Fitting games in 64GB can be another trouble to work. That’s why we want Steam Deck to offer insights specifically on storage.


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