According to the Research, the USA Ranks First in the List of Countries Most Ready for Cryptocurrency

According to a study, the USA is in the position of the “most ready country for crypto” in the world with 7.13 points.

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According to the research carried out by cryptocurrency platform Crypto Head, the USA seems to be the most ready country to adopt digital assets. On the other hand, the Greek Cypriot Department is the country most interested in digital currencies.

Who is Ready for Cryptocurrency?

Despite the regulatory disbelief nature of digital assets, they are still growing in popularity amid investors. While each country has its own unique approach to the market, Crypto Head explained which countries are most prone to it.

The platform brings together various statistics such as annual Google searches per 100,000 people, annual increase in crypto queries, and number of ATMs, calculating that the United States is the country most prepared to adopt digital assets, with an index of 7.13 out of 10. The Greek Cypriot part took the second place with 6.47, while Singapore (6.30), Hong Kong (6.27) and the United Kingdom (6.06) made up the rest of the top five.

Given the UK’s tough stance on crypto, fifth place looks like a success for Britons. In an interesting form, the small country of Slovenia with a population of just over 2 million ranks 7th with an index of 5.96.

The US has a great advantage when it comes to crypto ATMs. 17,436 devices in the US, which means you have one for every 19,023 US citizens.

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