According to the CBRT’s first quarter report, Turkey is among the countries with low indebtedness in both household and corporate categories.

Investing. com – CBRT published the Financial Accounts Report for the first quarter of the year. This report records all financial assets and liabilities in an economy and presents the financial processes of all departments on a stock and flow basis.

According to the information of the center;

According to the financial statements of the branches, in the first quarter of 2021, the net financial value of the Turkish economy has improved by 5.8 points compared to the previous period compared to the gross domestic product (GDP).

With the prestige of the end of the period, the branches’ total financial assets reached 21.2 trillion TL and their liabilities were 24.2 trillion TL.

In the same period, the ratios of household and non-financial institutions’ debt to GDP were 17% and 72%, respectively. According to these ratios, Turkey is in the middle of countries with low indebtedness levels in both households and companies categories.

Editor: Necdet Erginsoy

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