A wallet from the Satoshi era is in action years later

The well-known cryptocurrency monitoring bot Whale Alert, which shares on Twitter, is a dormant for more than nine years. Bitcoin announced that the (BTC) wallet has been reactivated.

At the time of writing this news, BTC is trading at $33.258. The current value of 791 BTC mobilized is approximately $26.250,000.

Some people did not neglect to make funny comments on the sharing on Twitter, which they thought for 9 years to recover the password of the wallet owner and just remembered.

Earlier this year, in February and March, 5,000 BTC and 2,000 BTC were mobilized, which had not moved since the Satoshi period.

In the past years, when large amounts of Bitcoin were transferred from wallets related to the Satoshi period, there were sharp fluctuations in the price of the president crypto money, but today, with the maturation of the market, this effect is much less than in the past.

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