A New Bug Found That Breaks Wi-Fi on iOS Devices

On iOS devices in the past weeks which completely removes the Wi-Fi feature a new flaw was discovered not long after the discovery of a flaw. Restart Wi-Fi when this flaw is triggered. disables it completely.

Wi-Fi network name in error that appeared 2 weeks ago “%p%s%s%s%s%n” If your phone was connected to a Wi-Fi network with that name, the Wi-Fi feature would be completely disabled. The flaw this time is a Wi-Fi network name.

Do not connect if you find a network named ‘%secretclub%power’

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At this point now %s’, ‘%p’ and ‘%n’

Wi-Fi network names using character strings are thought to be misleading. In previous network name when you reset network settings the error was fixed and your phone was able to connect to the internet again. However, the person who revealed the problem says that despite resetting the network settings, the defect persists this time.

The only option available at this point is to use the device. reset to factory settings

It looks like . However, it should be noted that this is not a tested and approved way and there is no guarantee.


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