A Giant Update Is Coming to Warframe

A action game with a third-person camera angle that millions of players love Warframeneed proper optimization and its developer’s endless based on gains the appreciation of the players. Warframe, which you can download and play for free, will receive two major updates.

The first of these updates, a major expansion pack

It appears as . In the update, which will take the players to different times and provide them with a deeper knowledge about the game cosmos, players will have the opportunity to play different characters. In addition, our enemies also familiar faces. Let’s look at the details together.

New content is coming:

which will be published simultaneously on all platforms and The New War

In the update with the name , we will witness the merging of space ninjas (Tenno) scattered in different parts of the Origin system in the game with the aim of eliminating the evil called Sentients. Players will see the Sentient race again after 8 years that have passed away.

In addition, for the first time during a mission, players can; Veso, Kahl-175 and Teshin

It was shared that he will have the opportunity to play the characters . Also, the developers, the players of this story are not only future but also to the past said he would take it back. This means that complementary information will be given about the game universe.

With the update, Warframe will be cross-platform and you will be able to see your progress on different devices. The developer group aims to unite not only the space ninjas scattered in different parts of the world in the game, but also the players scattered on different platforms.


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